August 8 2012 – Jen + Arthur are engaged

Ive been trying to be a good worker bee these passed few months and get my blogs up asap.  I guess you can say i’m getting ready for baby to come and make sure i’m fully up to date! Ok, enough about me, it’s not always about me! 🙂  Meet Jen and Arthur… a GREAT couple.  They are getting married in November at The Avenue Banquet Hall (  They are a fun couple, very down to earth… my kind of people.  They are getting a guest signing book so we went to 2 locations for their engagement session to mix it up a bit.  Started off at Cabbage Town and then went down to Dundas Square.  The weather was perfect as it has been all summer (tfu tfu, knock on wood) and we got some awesome shots! Take a look for yourselves… check out the last photo also, I added some personal touches to the billboards hehe.