July 27 2012 – Teresa + John are engaged

I want to start off by giving a HUGE thanks to Kristina from Pear Studios (www.pearstudios.ca) for helping me out.  Teresa and John are getting married September 21, 2012 at The Avenue (www.theavenuebanquethall.com), 3 days before my due date… Kristina will be primary at their wedding so it only made sense for her to come out for their engagement session and take over.  I gotta say, it was a bitter sweet moment for me… it was fun being a second shooter and trying out new angles etc but also at times hard to give up control (I’m such a control freak, although I like to think of it as “inspirationally motivated).  I couldn’t have asked anyone better, Kristina captured some beautiful moments… it was a lot of fun.  Wish I could be there for the wedding… will have to just wait till I see the photos!  Speaking of photos… i’ll stop blabbing and show you how gorgeous these shots are!