Behind the scenes with Baby Scarlett | Newmarket York Region Photographer

I am super excited to present my first and definitely not last behind the scenes video.  This video is of a newborn session with Baby Scarlett who is 8 days old.  The video was filmed at my Vaughan Studio by my good friend and co-worker Martin from

I wanted to showcase some things on how my newborn sessions are.  Every baby is different, babies between day 6-12 are the sleepiest and most squishy so I find that is the best time to photograph your baby.  Babies who are older than 12 days can definitely still be photographed as a newborn, I just tailor the session to ensure they are the most comfortable and safest.

Your session can run anywhere from 1-4 hours.  I work on baby’s schedule.  I have a preparation guide I send out to my families to help the session go as smooth as possible. Being on baby’s schedule, when it’s time to eat we stop and break for a feed, if it’s time to go to the washroom, we do the same.  I always change the blankets if they’ve been soiled and wash everything using gentle detergent after each session, regardless if it’s been soiled on or not.  My studio is kept a very warm temperature of approx 28 degrees so when baby is naked, he/she is very comfortable.

A lot of people say that baby needs to be sleeping during the session, this is not 100% true.  A sleeping baby is preferred for many poses, specifically for safety purposes.  However an awake baby, as long as they’re not crying is beautiful.

I am so humbled and honoured to be able to capture the beginnings of these little precious beings.  So fragile, so beautiful… just an amazing gift.  It’s such a wonderful feeling to know that in 100 years, these photographs will be treasured.  I’ve been asked to be part of families heirlooms and grow with them.  Best feeling in the world!