Colby is ONE

A very big birthday for this cute little guy.  Such a sweet boy with those big brown eyes and super adorable curls.  Colby definitely made me work for his smiles but when he gave them… oh boy did the hearts melt.  He was the most cutest kid with his cake smash, I wish there was video or audio cause all he was doing was eating and making mmmm sounds. lol. Someone was enjoying his cake and wasn’t very happy when it was all done… hehe in a word – CUTIE!!



Morrow Family

Close to my heart is the Morrow Family.  Starting off as “clients”, to business partners and one of my very best friends.  Just another Sunday afternoon, hanging out at home, fooling around and having fun.  I just adore these 2 little beauties… they bared the cold at the end so I can take some “last minute” photos. They may not know it now, but when they’ll be older, they’ll see it was worth it…

FCS_0027_BW FCS_0035_BW FCS_0039_BW FCS_0062_BW FCS_0077_BW FCS_0082_BW FCS_0110_BW FCS_0139_BW FCS_0252 O1109_shiri_shapiro_15_cold

6 months of yumminess!

I had the ultimate pleasure to photograph this gorgeous squishy 6 month baby boy.  He is such a delite, came right into my arms and graced me with his contagious smile and laugh. Here are just a few sneaks from today’s session, I was so excited for them that I couldn’t wait to post them.

FCS_7592 FCS_7597 FCS_7686 FCS_7714 FCS_7825


September 19 2012 – Sarah’s Bat Mitzvah

A very big Mazel goes out to Sarah on her Bat Mitzvah… She’s such a great person, talented and just super awesome.  Doesn’t surprise me, after meeting the whole family, apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.  The Mitzvah “party” was so much fun, the cool thing is about the rehearsal and the party is that it was at the same Synagogue and Reception hall where her parents got married, and where her brother was Mitzvah’d.  How awesome is that, I just love tradition.

Also a big thank you to Doug from PearStudios and Amelia from FlirtPhotography for coming out and helping me out… Being 9 months prego and shooting def takes a toll but having them there was super duper awesomeness. We had a blast!

Wanted to share some of the images from the events… enjoy~

Sarah from focusstudios on Vimeo.