September 10 2012 – Shelly + Phil + 1

Shelly + Phil are expecting their new bundle of joy mid October, boy or girl? who knows… they are keeping it a surprise. I will guess boy, no girl, no boy… lol… I don’t really know, can’t get a reading… so if I have to choose, I’ll go with boy for them. We started off at their house, doing a more in-studio style session, then moving onto a day in the life, to outside at a park.  It was a great day, hot! but great… 2 very pregnant women in the heat… LOL.  Phil had fun with us two!

Can’t wait to meet their little one… in the mean time, here is their Maternity Session… Shelly looks beautiful!!

August 31 2012 – Chelsea + Chris are Married!

Chelsea + Chris were married on August 4th, on probably one of the hottest days of the summer.  They’re ceremony and reception was at Caledon Inn, all outdoors… despite the heat and the mosquito’s, their day was perfect!!! Everything on time, everyone looking their finest, lots of laughs, emotions, lots of brilliance! A big thank you goes out to Kristina from Pearstudios and to EJ for coming out and helping me out, we rocked it!

This blog post is a bit different than my usual… It’s a huge blog, it was hard to cull down the photos, so instead of uploading the photos individually I created this slideshow. Enjoy~  Love you guys!

Chelsea + Chris’ Wedding Slideshow from focusstudios on Vimeo.

August 8 2012 – Jen + Arthur are engaged

Ive been trying to be a good worker bee these passed few months and get my blogs up asap.  I guess you can say i’m getting ready for baby to come and make sure i’m fully up to date! Ok, enough about me, it’s not always about me! 🙂  Meet Jen and Arthur… a GREAT couple.  They are getting married in November at The Avenue Banquet Hall (  They are a fun couple, very down to earth… my kind of people.  They are getting a guest signing book so we went to 2 locations for their engagement session to mix it up a bit.  Started off at Cabbage Town and then went down to Dundas Square.  The weather was perfect as it has been all summer (tfu tfu, knock on wood) and we got some awesome shots! Take a look for yourselves… check out the last photo also, I added some personal touches to the billboards hehe.

August 7 2012 – Ayelet + Aryeh + 1

Another one of my closest friends is prego with me… how awesome is that! I love that I have a handful of gf’s that are prego along with me.  Can’t wait for our play dates.  Ayelet doesn’t know if her baby is a boy or girl, since I guessed Boy for Carly in my previous post, I’m going to guess Girl for Ayelet.  Why? just because. heheh. Ayelet and Aryeh are due Oct 14th, I can’t wait to meet their little one, but before then, lets brag and showcase her baby bump.  Enjoy my friend! Love ya!

July 27 2012 – Teresa + John are engaged

I want to start off by giving a HUGE thanks to Kristina from Pear Studios ( for helping me out.  Teresa and John are getting married September 21, 2012 at The Avenue (, 3 days before my due date… Kristina will be primary at their wedding so it only made sense for her to come out for their engagement session and take over.  I gotta say, it was a bitter sweet moment for me… it was fun being a second shooter and trying out new angles etc but also at times hard to give up control (I’m such a control freak, although I like to think of it as “inspirationally motivated).  I couldn’t have asked anyone better, Kristina captured some beautiful moments… it was a lot of fun.  Wish I could be there for the wedding… will have to just wait till I see the photos!  Speaking of photos… i’ll stop blabbing and show you how gorgeous these shots are!