November 19, 2011 – Wendi + Kim are married!

I swear I think my blog photo selections are getting bigger and bigger which each wedding… It is sooo hard to narrow down, there are so many great shots! 🙂 If I say so myself and toot my own horn and Al’s of course.  🙂

On October 14th, Wendi + Kim got married at The Avenue banquet, we started the morning off at The Novotel and hung out there for the day, getting ready, doing our big reveal, playing in the subway station hehe… it was great.  The wedding ceremony was truly touching and filled with love and emotion.  Wendi + Kim said their vows to each other in a whisper to each other, it was so personal, brought tears to theirs and everyone elses’ eyes.   They finished off the day with a party of champs, great music, great people, great couple.

Be aware of many wonderful photos, filled with laughs, love and fun! enjoy and congratulations…

October 26, 2011 – Kristel + Mike are married!

After 3 engagement sessions and a year of anticipation and excitement of getting married, Kristel + Mike tied the knot on September 24, the ceremony was lovely, the park was hot and steamy and the venue was decorated beautifully.

The whole week leading up to their wedding, the weather was calling for rain and over cast… over cast I can deal with but rain… blah and we were scheduled to go to Humber College for photos so rain I did not want.  To our delight there was ZERO rain and ZERO over cast, some how the sun gods listened to our prayers and came out.  From a calling cast of 16 and rain, it turned out to be 25 and sunny… ok enough about the weather!

This couple is awesome… I can’t say enough nice things about them, they are so genuine, so in love… Mike is such a joker, we had some serious laughs that made for some great shots! To no surprise, we are definitely building a fantastic friendship and are planning a 80’s movie marathon night 🙂

I don’t want to babble to much because this is a LOOONG photo blog… lots of pics on this one, I couldn’t cull it down anymore, I just LOVED their photos, Al and I killed this one!  Enjoy~

The photos below are a serious of a bunch, Mike surprised Kristel by learning how to play guitar and singing to her Bruno Mars’ Just The Way You Are… she was so surprised, it was the sweetest thing ever!

October 24, 2011 – Georgina + Travis are engaged

Wow, 3 blogs in one week… I’m on a roll…  and rolling on through to Georgina and Travis’ engagement session… They were #2 engagement of the day on Thanksgiving Monday, it was 27 degrees, hot and sunny but being Fall, Georgina wanted the look of Fall… so sweaters and boots and I was wearing shorts and t’s lol.  It was a site to see, but in 50 years, who’ll remember the weather, all they will know is the gorgeous colors, the beaming sun and the gorgeous couple.  We went to Sibbald Point in Sutton, we kept away from the beach area, keeping with the fall theme and going into the woods and walking around.  It was awesome! Laughs, Love and growing freindships…  Georgina and Travis are such a cute couple, so in love, so sweet… I am so looking forward to these two’s June wedding, it’s going to be a great day and after photographing them at their engagement session, this couple will definitely make my job easy on their wedding day!  Enjoy~

October 21, 2011 – Mazal Tov Adam

I haven’t blogged a Bar/Bat Mitzvah in a while, not because I  haven’t done any, i’ve been swamped with work and been doing tons of Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, weddings, engagement, so they will all come soon enough.  For now though I wanted to showcase Adam’s bar mitzvah photos.

He is such a great kid, extremely talented in all he does and just an all around nice, genuine guy.  I can honestly say that the apple didn’t fall far from the tree, the whole family is just awesome.

We did a full rehearsal shoot prior to the bar mitzvah since I can’t take pictures on Saturday and it was really great, the weather totally cooperated and we got great shots, with zero stress on time or anything.  This kid photographs WELL… it’s all I gotta say!

They had a luncheon at The Avenue (, their center pieces were pretty cool… Adam is all about animals, so they put together these huge gift baskets of donations received from pet stores around the GTA and they donated all them to the humane society.  I think that is pretty awesome, even his smash cake was in the shape of dog paw and their table number cards was a bone shaped as a chocolate bar.

We also put together a really nice signing board, we went through tons of photo albums and chose one photo for the last 13 years and also a bunch of others that really represented who Adam is.  Everything came together and it was an awesome day.  Ok, going to stop rambling, here are a few shots from the day!